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Want Help Maintaining Your Responsible, Renewable Lifestyle?
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Believe, Be Committed, Become ...

Options, resources and support for meaningful change and balance in your everyday life

If the qualities of life important to you include …

* nutritious foods grown without poisonous pesticides, chemicals and methods that leach the soil of nutrients

* products whose manufacture and packaging do not pollutethe air, water or land with lingering carcinogenic by-products

* renewable energy and raw material resources that are as economical to produce as they are efficient to use


… then you will appreciate R&R Time’s thoughtful, socially responsible and high quality products, services and seminars, designed to support and enhance quality of life in your home and on the planet. Breathe deeply, rest easy, and learn about R&R Time’s mission to help – you don’t have to go it alone. Enjoy!


Bring Out Your Skin's Natural Glow
Afterglow's natural and certified organic botanicals enrich the complexion with nourishing, anti-aging, clarifying and antiseptic properties, and help improve skin's overall health. Learn about Afterglow.
Strengthen Your Body's Natural Healing Systems

If you could restore balance to allow your body's defenses to perform at their peak abilities and promote:

*renewed energy and


*more restful sleep

*reduced pain or

allergic reactions

... without needles, chemicals or harmful side effects, would you do it? Introducing, CieAura ... Read more.


R&R Time uses and distributes a cleaning product that can "kill germs but is not a poison itself". Benefect is the first government-approved botanical disinfectant - as effective as traditional disinfectants, yet less toxic than vinegar!



Beauty From the Inside Out

Relax, Rejuvenate & Recharge your body's health and stimulate a youthful radiance without incisions, injections or negative side effects: EternaleTM  


Healthy Eating Coaching

"You are what you eat" is meaningful when it comes to your health. If you "eat healthy", your body can "be healthy"  with the simple gift of nature's nutrients.

Experience the benefits of eating to live (instead of living to eat) from a certified, gifted and dedicated coach who lives what she teaches: AtoZ Healthy Living.




Pet Health |Pet Massage

All the benefits of massage humans enjoy are as healing and soothing for your pet companions. Learn more about our pre'furr'ed touch canine massage therapy sessions - by appointment only. 

Quantum Biofeedback 

Our newest service to be added is offered by The Ohio Center for Quantum Biofeedback.

 This cutting edge technology allows us to monitor, measure and change the energy patterns that exists in each one of us. Quantum Biofeedback Click here for an appointment today!


Pure Cleaning, Powerful Results

The whole purpose of cleaning is to guard against bacteria and germs leading to disease. Green cleaning provides this protection – and more:

  1. Protects you, your children & pets from exposure to toxins present in many traditional cleaners that can irritate skin, eyes & lungs.
  2. Reduces negative impacts to health and the environment by employing biodegradable, sustainable ingredients; along with a judicious use of responsible packaging and disposal
  3. Reduces indoor air pollutants

R&R adds another dimension – the power of Aromatherapy. Learn about this ancient art science at Flower Power . Aromatherapy cleaning takes green clean a step further.


Make life a little easier for yourself, and a lot better for your household and the global community. We'll help you find time to smell the flowers. Call R&R Time Cleaning Services for a free consultation and estimate.


Phone 216.798.8748