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Natural Ingredients. Powerful Results.

Guard against bacteria without harmful side effects ... naturally

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Choose the well-lived life

Everything we do affects everyone else. You are what you choose.

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Responsible Living Resources

A hand-picked selection of innovative products encourages optimal health for your body and the environment

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R&R Time's Education and Wellness Center brings in local and visiting practitioners to help you learn how to care for yourself.

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Flower Power

A blend of antimicrobial and mood enhancing essential oil properties yields powerful cleaning and an atmosphere of well-being

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Pure Cleaning, Powerful Results
The whole purpose of cleaning is to guard against bacteria and germs leading to disease. Green cleaning provides this protection – and more:

  • Protects you, your children & pets from exposure to toxins present in many traditional cleaners that can irritate skin, eyes & lungs
  • Reduces negative impacts to health and the environment by employing biodegradable, sustainable ingredients; along with a judicious use of responsible packaging and disposal
  • Reduces indoor air pollutants

R&R adds another dimension – the power of Aromatherapy. Learn about this ancient art science and how Aromatherapy cleaning takes green clean a step further.


Gain knowledge and access to natural health and beauty practices and services. Follow our calendar for ongoing classes and special events.

Wealth & Wellness Journey Integrative health consulting and non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive treatment options

Beauty From the Inside OutRelax, Rejuvenate & Recharge your body’s health and stimulate a youthful radiance without incisions, injections or negative side effects: EternaleTM

Pet Health & MassageAll the benefits of massage humans enjoy are as healing and soothing for your pet companions.

Quantum BiofeedbackThis cutting edge technology allows us to monitor, measure and change the energy patterns that exists in each one of us


We offer a selection of carefully researched products which are beneficial without bringing harm to the environment.

Organic Cosmetics
Afterglow’s botanicals enrich the complexion with nourishing, anti-aging, clarifying and antiseptic properties to help improve skin’s overall health.

Benefect Benefect is the first government-approved botanical disinfectant – as effective as traditional disinfectants, yet less toxic than vinegar!