Healthy Cleaning Options for a Healthier Home, Workplace and Environment

R&R Time offers healthy options for responsible cleaning. We offer choices aimed at everyday decisions to enhance your health, your home, the community … the world.

When you recycle that plastic water bottle, it is processed and can become fleece jackets or blankets to warm needy people a world away; along the way, it makes jobs for others, enabling them to have a home, food and comfort. Likewise, when fertilizer in runoff enters the water supply, you ingest small amounts of poisonous chemicals in tap water and, over time, the accumulation reveals its insidious effects.

Simple choices, big results, affect us all … all of us together, make up the whole world.

color-mood-chartColors of Consciousness

It happened rather innocently – but it changed her life. Kathy Starynchak, R&R Time’s founder, was minding her business as a successful Mary Kay Director, teaching women about color cosmetics, when she discovered – color not only affects your appearance, it influences your mental, emotional and physical well-being!

Starynchak stepped through the looking glass – completing a course in color therapy, followed by additional courses in herbology and aromatherapy – and began her two decades long journey and study of holistic practices and alternatives. Currently pursuing certification as a Natural Health Care Professional, this Cleveland native and former corporate professional, makes her living by providing holistically conscious, and conscientious, goods and services.

Creative, passionate, and thoughtful, Starynchak’s talents and pastimes include crafting, floral arranging and gardening