Aromatherapy Cleaning

R&R Time “aromatherapy cleaning” refers to the use of natural and plant-based products combined with essential oils. A blend of antimicrobial and mood enhancing essential oil properties yields powerful cleaning and an atmosphere of well-being.

Is it really possible for fragrance of an essential oil to influence mood, feelings, state of mind, even behavior?

Aromas are “an important means … of obtaining a change in psychic state … both by inspiration and by absorption through the skin”. Fragrance researchers are discovering that odors can and do influence mood, evoke emotions, counteract stress and reduce high blood pressure. Smelling a fragrant flower makes you feel good inside, and aromatherapy has the same effect.

Odiferous matter reaches regions of the brain which are not under conscious control; its perception affects our psychic life and transforms our predispositions.

Marguerite Maury
Aromatherapy Pioneer

essential oilEssential Oils

An essential oil is what gives fragrance to a rose blossom or a sprig of rosemary. These oils are not greasy, but are highly volatile, meaning they readily evaporate. It is the essential oil vapor you smell from a flower or plant.
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