Promote Healthy Home, Workplace and Public Environments with Innovative Technology

“Outbreaks of contagious illnesses, from cold and flu to fast-spreading stomach bugs, are not just a problem for hospitals.  Productivity losses linked to absenteeism cost an average of $225.8 billion each year.  Illness-causing viruses and bacteria can survive on surfaces for months, making cleaning and disinfecting surfaces an important first line of defense in medical, athletic, corporate and residential environments.”

Get 360-Degree Touchless Health Protection with Electrostatic “Adhesive” Disinfection

R&R Time can quickly and evenly coat surfaces with a disinfecting solution using an electrostatic applicator, which gives a positive charge to the solution, and allows it to stick to a targeted surface with 360-degree coverage.

  • Faster application
  • More efficient coverage
  • More effective prevention of infection
  • Able to cover odd-shaped, hard-to-reach surfaces

See How Electrostatic Disinfection Works

Here’s a great illustration explaining electrostatic disinfection from a cleaning company in California. It’s the same service R&R Time offers, but with our choice of applicators and disinfectant. We couldn’t have shown it better. Enjoy!

High Touch Points or “Hot Spots”

Door handles
Water fountain knobs
Chair arm rests
Tables & Desks
Touch screens
Light switches

Another Layer of Protection


RR-Time uses the world’s first government-registered hospital disinfectant using essential oils from plants. It is used worldwide to kill germs without negative health impact on humans, animals or the environment.

  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria in 30 seconds
  • One-step disinfectant and cleaner
  • No health warnings
  • No synthetic ingredients
  • No rinse or wipe required

Seasonal, Quarterly, Weekly and On-Demand Applications

Especially effective during flu season to protect employees and clients, R&R Time’s Electrostatic Disinfection option does not replace regular cleaning and maintenance services. It offers an extra layer of protection to insure all surfaces are thoroughly treated.