Elevator Cleaning

Elevator cleaning by R&R Time Commercial Cleaners leaves no water or residue behind when cleaning the track and interior cab. Plus, our cleaning process does not damage your elevator’s delicate metal surfaces.

Cleaning elevator thresholds is labor-intensive and taxing on your housekeeping and custodial staff. Our expert technicians handle all of the work.
If your property has multiple elevators, we make arrangements to only clean one elevator at a time to limit any inconveniences to staff, residents and visitors.

elevator cleaningCLEAN, REFRESH, AND RESTORE

Certain cleaning chemicals and disinfectants can damage the surfaces of your elevator! The metal surfaces require care and specific cleaning procedures to keep the brass and stainless steel looking its best for years to come.

Has excess cleaning during the past year left dull and corroded surfaces on the interior and exterior of your elevator? R&R Time Commercial Cleaners will assess and properly clean all the areas of your elevator cab.