Modern life exposes us to environmental pollutants over which we have little or no control

Environmental pollutants include car and manufacturing emissions; chemical runoff into the water supply from oil spills and lawn care pesticides. But you DO have control over the pollutants inside your home and workplace.

Traditional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals

These chemicals (ammonia, chlorine, solvents), emit tiny molecules into the air (Volatile Organic Compounds – VOCs) that can irritate eyes, lungs and skin. Over time, accumulated exposure to these vapors can aggravate asthma and other chronic respiratory and skin conditions. Children and pets, indoor for much of the day and closer to the ground, are especially vulnerable.

First rate cleaning power without harmful side effects

This is why R&R Time uses premium quality, biodegradable, natural cleaners – derived from fruit, vegetable and plant sources – and free of artificial dyes or perfumes. We deliver first rate cleaning power without harmful side effects … and we take it a step further – we add the power of aromatherapy to our cleaning products and your environment.

Infused with fine essential oils, our products freshen the air with natural fragrances that act as mood enhancers for calm, clarity, energy or relaxation. Learn about “aromatherapy” and enjoy a gift of fresh cut flowers every time we clean!

Commercial Services

Show your employees and customers you care about their well-being at your establishment. Our services are good for everyone, and especially ideal for:

  • Condo Associations
  • Offices
  • Daycare and child care facilities
  • Assisted living, in-home care, nursing homes
  • Health care provider offices (especially pediatric and geriatric providers)

– Doctors, Surgeons
– Dentists
– Chiropractors
– Dermatologists
– Allergists
– Acupuncturists, Naturopaths
– Massage/Physical Therapists
– Veterinarians
– Health clubs & Spas

Having a company like yours supporting us in times of need is without question a treasure that cannot be put into words. We really appreciate this.

Lee Grimes VP, The Lofts at Avalon Station Condo Owners Assoc.