Many of us spend most of our waking hours
at the workplace

R&R Time’s cleaning practices are every bit as effective as traditional services – yet our cleaning products leave behind no toxic vapors. Instead, aromatic essential oils are added to invigorate the spirit, calm the mind and make the workplace and office experience more pleasant.

Condominium Cleaning Specialists

Condominium associations and property managers recognize how RR-Time’s commitment to keeping a condominium property spotless because we know:

  • It brings more value to the condo buildings and Association; and
  • It is an important factor in attracting potential residents.

R & R Time is innovative in finding new ways to complete tasks in an effective and efficient manner, thereby allowing R & R Time to provide the following value-added services:

  • While on site, note and communicate upon discovery any maintenance services needed to the property manager and/or Association Board members.
  • Provide lighting supplies, manage inventory, and change light bulbs.
  • Spot clean hallway carpeting.
  • Remove grass cuttings, leaves, etc. from the entrance ways, steps, and walkways. By doing this there is less debris tracked into the lobby and hallways.
  • In preparation for cold and flu season, wash and disinfect handrails with a natural furniture polish containing tea tree oil.
  • In preparation for winter, disinfect the underside of the lobby mats with Benefect Disinfectant to prevent a mold and mildew problem, which can occur from the moisture that accumulates under the mats from slush and snow.
  • Clean outside entrance way siding
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Tile stripping, waxing, buffing
  • Pet waste disposal service

Need a service not listed? Just ask!

We take service diversity seriously, therefore we offer condominium association-related services that other cleaning companies do not offer.  If there are additional cleaning services or related services not included in the contracted services, please do not hesitate to contact us.  R & R Time is available 24 hours to request any as-needed services by contacting Kathy Starynchak by phone, text or email.

Office Cleaning Services

Included, but are not limited to

  • Disinfecting all surfaces – counters, door knobs, light switches, etc
  • Dusting all surfaces
  • Empty all wastebaskets & remove trash
  • Mop/vacuum all floors
  • Dust/wipe baseboards
  • Polish all faucets, sinks, desks to shine
  • Clean/disinfect all tubs, toilets, sinks
  • Kitchen/break room

– Hand washing small amount of dishes
– Washing outside of cabinets, refrigerator
– Wiping small spills in refrigerator and microwave

Ask about our Healthy Workplace Initiative

Customer service is so important. You and your company are outstanding. 
We are fortunate to have you. Thanks, thanks and thanks!

Kim Baxter, Juniper Hill Condominium Owners Association