R&R Time’s Education and Wellness Center brings in local and visiting practitioners to help you learn how to care for yourself.

We also host social events and opportunities to connect and share with like-minded individuals.

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By Appointment

[titled_box title=”Eternale Beauty Treatments”]
Achieve and maintain healthy, youthful skin with a non-invasive technology which offers no anasthesia, no recovery time, no irritating side effects

[titled_box title=”Wealth & Wellness Journey”]
Integrative Health RN Consultation
Elaine Connelly | RN-C, LNHA, CIM, CTR, BA

  • Learn to integrate traditional western treatments with non-drug, non-surgery health and wellness approaches
  • Review key considerations of a healthy daily lifestyle: performance & rejuvenation, nutrition & fitness and environment solutions
  • Options for easy, non-invasive body detoxification on a daily basis without adverse effects

FREE 15 minute phone consultation
Schedule an appointment:
440-478-4073 or elaineconnelly@aol.com

[titled_box title=”Natural Pet Health”]
Help your pet companion enjoy the benefits of natural products, remedies and services. Hands-on caregiving without negative side effects provides your pets the comfort and safety they deserve. Learn about canine massage and homeopathic remedies.

[titled_box title=”Quantum BioFeedback”]
Identify the stresses in the body that could be affecting your health and wellness. Develop a personal health recovery and wellness plan designed to manage your stress energetically, and do it all in minutes.



As Scheduled

[titled_box title=”Wellness Gatherings”]
At your home or our center, host your own personalized wellness education session to share with friends, colleagues and community. Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Raw food recipes and whole plant-based nutrition
  • “Forks Over Knives” viewing
  • Infant and child wellness programs
  • Pet wellness
  • Mind, Body, Spirit wellness
  • Self-massage for stress reduction and detoxification
  • Electro-magnetic frequencies sources and reduction
  • Benefits of chemical-free cleaning
  • Magnetic far and infrared solutions
  • Aromatherapy and color therapy
  • Feng shui
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Beauty from the inside out

[titled_box title=”Health Improvement Tools & Tips”]
Learn from a macrobiotic chef how small changes produce big benefits over time! This workshop teaches how easy it is to prepare simple, healthy grain dishes that are good for you and taste great! Discover the health benefits of each grain and start enjoying them right away.

[titled_box title=”Thermal Image Screening”]
Thermography is an FDA-approved, state of the art early detection clinical test for breast disease – without radiation exposure – which is painless, non-invasive. All tests are performed by certified clinical thermographers.

Breast screening | $150 | 30 minutes

Half body screening | $250 | 40 minutes: early detection of inflammation and organ function abnormalities

Full body screening | $350 | 60 minutes: early detection of inflammation and organ function abnormalities