The Quantum iLife Device

This device is designed to assist in identifying the stresses in the body that could be affecting health and wellness. It converts raw data measurements and displays them using 16 known energetic modalities, used by the therapist to help develop a personal health recovery and wellness plan designed to manage stress energetically – and does it all in minutes.

Why should you choose a Quantum Biofeedback experience?

Biofeedback has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and help improve the quality of life. It is relaxing, can assist in the management of pain, and is highly effective in the hands of a skilled therapist. The Quantum iLife device offers insights into the body electric to help the individual understand the underlying causes of their stress. The device consists of many powerful balancing modalities that not only analyze stress indicators but also help the body return to a balanced state. Subtle and soothing energetic stimulation promote balance and harmony within the body.

Can you benefit from Quantum Biofeedback?

Recognizing that stress accounts for up to 90% of all disease states, almost everyone should experience tremendous benefit from experiencing a non-invasive modality that is designed to support the bodies own innate healing ability.

You deserve the best in life

Take control and call The Ohio Center for Quantum Biofeedback for an appointment to experience a balancing session. Our therapists are trained, knowledgeable, and caring individuals who can show you how to improve the quality of your life. Invest some time in your self to be all that you desire to be. Rise above your stress…..a whole new you is waiting………..

Discover your iLife “Wellness Score”
using these known energetic modalities:

Meridians Phobia Balancing
Chakra Scan Risk Analysis
Aura Scan Sacred Geometry
Emotional Sensitivities
Body Systems Spinal Scan
Nutrition Spiritual Protection
Homeopathy Toxicity/Stress
Solfeggio Tones Brain Wave EEG

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